Evli Fund Management Company

Evli Fund Management Company

  • Nordic boutique fund manager and a leading ESG investment firm
  • Approx. €7BN in 26 UCITS funds and several AIF strategies
  • True crossover bond portfolios which combine the best of IG and safest HY returns to diversify risk
  • Best-in-Class ESG overlay applied effectively across all portfolios to meet the rapidly increasing demand for sustainable investing
  • Bottom-up active management focused on free cash flow, long-term perspective and an active ESG approach
  • Numerous awards from Morningstar, Citywire, FundsPeople, Refinitiv Lipper, Quantalys, and Telos

Evli Funds

  • Evli Corporate Bond
  • Evli Emerging Markets Credit
  • Evli Euro Government Bond
  • Evli Euro Liquidity
  • Evli European High Yield
  • Evli European Investment Grade
  • Evli Green Corporate Bond
  • Evli Nordic Corporate Bond
  • Evli Short Corporate Bond
  • Evli Target Maturity Nordic Bond 2023
  • Evli Finland Select
  • Evli Finnish Small Cap
  • Evli Sweden Equity Index
  • Evli Swedish Small Cap
  • Evli Europe
  • Evli GEM
  • Evli Global
  • Evli Global X
  • Evli Japan
  • Evli North America
  • Evli Nordic
  • Evli Emerging Frontier
  • Evli Equity Factor Europe
  • Evli Equity Factor Global
  • Evli Equity Factor USA
  • Evli Factor Premia
  • Evli Finland Mix
  • Evli Global Multi Manager 30
  • Evli Global Multi Manager 50

For more information on Evli, please visit www.evli.com.

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